Why Wood Trusses?

Wood trusses provide more design flexibility than conventional framing.  Riverside’s wood trusses offer an unlimited number of design options and are economical and structurally superior choice.

  • Strong - All Riverside Roof Trusses are engineered and constructed to meet approved building codes.
  • Accurate - Trusses are individually designed by certified engineers.  Then each truss is fabricated with speed and efficiency using Riverside Roof Truss’s computer automated saws and jigging stations.
  • Efficient - Trusses are easy for builders to install which saves valuable construction time.  Components are labeled and ready to install when they are delivered to the building site and the delivery packet includes a detailed layout including installation instructions and truss locations.
  • Flexible - Riverside Roof Truss trusses are designed and engineered to meet specifications of any building plan whether custom or standard.

Learn More

The Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) is a great resource for more information about the benefits of using wood trusses. Take a few minutes to check out the variety of designs on their Interactive Truss Configurations page. Or, find out more about the efficiencies you can enjoy using wood trusses. SBCA's Framing the American Dream project and Future of Framing brochure illustrate the many benefits of using components.